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Welcome! We're so happy you're here. Heart To Heart Healing Arts is dedicated to helping you heal emotional wounds and limiting thoughts and behaviors while inspiring and revealing the inherent wholeness that is at the core of who you are. We offer workshops, classes & private sessions, including Reiki therapy, meditation, counseling, prayer, spiritual development and mindful living.

Tools for Life




Working with a Spiritual Practitioner is similar to working with many types of therapists except that practitioners are applying universal principle that knows the client is already whole. Our work is to assist you in revealing that wholeness.

Heart to Heart Healing Arts


Reiki can be received in person or from a distance and helps facilitate deep relaxation, allowing an opening to access ones inner Source to heal.

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Signature Session

Our Signature Sessions blend Spiritual Counseling and Reiki and can include guided meditations as well.

Live out of the area?  No problem!  Distant sessions are also available.

Heart to Heart Healing Arts


Meditation is a great tool to cultivate and maintain inner balance and harmony.  It decreases stress and improves the quality of day to day living.  If you're interested in learning meditation techniques to bring into a personalized practice and that suit your individual needs, contact me today.

Heart to Heart Healing Arts


Catch the highest vision for your life and affirm its perfect unfoldment. Share in a small group setting with supportive individuals that hold the highest consciousness for you and each other!

Heart to Heart Healing Arts

Soul Styling

Soul Styling is all about clothing your authentic Self, the way your authentic energy is seeking to express through and as you. What we wear either is a reflection of who we truly are or it acts like a costume creating a barrier between us and truly authentic relationship, whether with our Self or with others. Embody a greater sense of self and personal expression while being inspired and having fun too!



"I'm thrilled with the progress I've made since beginning my work with Kirby!"

- M.T.


“I received everything I had hoped for, and more, from the Return To Wholeness workshop! My biggest insight was about Legacy Living, to start living today the way I want to be remembered!”

- Janet


"I feel so blessed to have been given the tools, support, and love to feel whole again in my life and the help to achieve happiness once again."

- Shawnee


"Kirby is a wonderful teacher, and I appreciate her dedication and support. The Small Group Program is amazing and I’d recommend it to anyone!”

- Dawn


“The moment I began my first session with Kirby, I felt a deep and truly powerful shift. Over the course of our sessions, I was able to move through my blocks.”

- Rhonda

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