Spiritual Counseling

Working with a spiritual practitioner is similar to working with many therapists except that spiritual practitioners apply spiritual principle. We begin with the idea that the client is already whole, no matter what the circumstances look like and our work is to assist them in revealing that wholeness.  It is non-denominational and non-dogmatic. It is always inclusive and all are welcome.

A counseling session typically lasts approximately one hour and is online only at this time. Each session begins with a short centering meditation and ends with an affirmative prayer treatment. In this field of deep knowing, the client is assisted in realizing the spiritual truth about their life, thus releasing false beliefs.

The practitioner holds the confidence of clients sacred and inviolate. What is shared in a session is never discussed with anyone, except where the practitioner is legally bound to report specific events.

Spiritual counseling is a unique and profound healing experience that is beneficial for everyone who desires a deeper connection to life, love, joy, and personal empowerment.  We welcome you!


Reiki, pronounced RAY-KEY, is an ancient hands-on energetic healing modality, which received its standardized beginnings in Japan in the early 20th century through Dr. Mikao Usui.

“REI, as used in reiki, has a deep esoteric meaning of higher consciousness.”1 KI is the Japanese word for life force energy. “It is also known as the vital life force or Universal life force. This is the non-physical energy that animates all living things.”2 “It is the Higher Consciousness called REI that guides the life energy called KI in the practice we call REIKI.”3 So, I like to say that reiki is “Divinely Guided Life Force Energy”.

Reiki can be received in person or from a distance and helps facilitate deep relaxation, allowing an opening to access ones inner source to heal. Reiki works by “refilling areas where energy is low and removes energy blockages allowing a greater flow on a physical level. Energy blockages are created by illness, emotional or physical trauma, thought forms, and stress.”

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3: Rand, William; Reiki The Healing Touch, p 1-2

Heart to Heart Healing Arts

The body has a divine blueprint, a pattern of perfect health and wholeness, and reiki reminds and eases it back into alignment. Emotionally and mentally, reiki can realign and help the client release energetic remnants of emotional memory or limiting thought forms, nurturing, and supporting each individual in compassion, love, peace, and grace.

Reiki complements all other therapies.

Heart to Heart Healing Arts

Reiki With Heart to Heart Healing Arts

Before you even arrive for your first visit, you are being held in the field of highest healing consciousness. Reiki works on a very deep energetic level so when you set your intention to receive reiki, know that your healing is already happening. The moment you commit to your highest self, your sacred YES activates your healing and revealing unfoldment!

Heart to Heart Healing Arts welcomes you into a safe and nurturing atmosphere that helps support holistic well-being and realignment with your innate wholeness. Currently, all sessions are via Zoom and as energy is not bound by space or time,  each session unfolds in perfect balance for your individual needs.

Signature Session

Signature Sessions blend Spiritual Counseling and Reiki and can include guided meditations as well.  If you choose the Signature Healing Session, our time together is about 2 hours.

Each session begins with a short centering imeditation, followed by a discussion about what is happening for you in your experience that you’d like to shift and transform, or what you’d like to celebrate and anchor more deeply in.  You will receive guidance and receive tools to help you in your practice.  All counseling sessions end with affirmative prayer to anchor you in the qualities of what emerged for you. 

The session concludes with a 40 minute session of Reiki.

Reiki only or Counseling only sessions are also available.

​Live out of the area?  No Problem!  Distant sessions are always available!

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Improve the quality of day to day living and learn new meditation techniques to bring into your practice or learn how to begin.  All levels welcomed.  Breath techniques, focus and attention strategies as well as guided visualization meditation.  Sign up for an individual session, or get a discount when you purchase a package.  Group sessions available too!

Heart to Heart Healing Arts
Heart to Heart Healing Arts


Catch the highest vision for your life and affirm its perfect unfoldment. Share in a small group setting with supportive individuals that hold the highest consciousness for you and each other!

Soul Styling

What is Soul Styling?

I like to say that soul styling is all about clothing your authentic Self.

What we wear is either a reflection of who we truly are or acts like a costume creating a barrier between us and truly authentic relationships, with others or ourselves.

When we're dressing in alignment with our authentic Self, people see who we truly are because nothing is blocking or creating static so we're more natural, relaxed, and dynamic. As a result, people trust us more, and even greater results manifest whether it be in our business or personal relationships.

Soul Styling emerges from the studies of artist, philosopher and mystic, Johannes Itten (1888-1967). It evolves his work and bridges a mystical perspective of authentic spirituality with the understanding of the dynamic nature of color, shape, and line and how the two together create a portal to greater expression.

It's simultaneously a deep dive to embodying a greater sense of self and personal expression while being inspiring and fun too!

 "Beauty arises in form when it corresponds in likeness to the divine idea from which it arose."  -Plotinus (attributed)

Heart to Heart Healing Arts
Heart to Heart Healing Arts

What's a Soul Styling Appointment entail?

A soul styling appointment is two parts. First, you're introduced to the deeper meaning of what soul stying is, how it works, and how to use it. We show you examples of people when they're in their "element" and when they're not. You'll see examples of different color energies, style lines, fabric densities, and how they all build to either align with your authentic self or not.

Part two is about actually figuring out what your "element" is. We put you in front of the lights and begin the process of determining what combination your authentic self shows up to dazzle us with.

Come, play with us and meet your authentic beauty that's waiting to emerge most magnificently!  Get ready to shine!

Happy Clients


"I never had Reiki therapy before, so I wasn't prepared for the lightness of being that I experienced. My back is absolutely perfect now, and my heart is much better too."

- Lisa R.S.


“Working with Kirby was a very empowering experience. She creates a very safe environment for one to be vulnerable and authentic, inviting spiritual growth, transformation and clarity. I really felt heard."

- Nicole